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Sep. 22nd, 2010


I feel obligated.

I am kicking ass at school. The house is almost finished. Cory's still awesome.

My only complaint is my extreme want of instant gratification. I need to be done with school NOW. I want to be in my house NOW. I want mine and Cory's schedules to be more compatible NOW.

Annie is my constant. She's my always. My right now. And the reason I work so hard for all my future 'nows.'


Jul. 30th, 2010


(no subject)

Well, I'll start off with the obvious: People are fucking obnoxious!

Alright, so if you come in and ask me for a price on a tattoo and don't get it, I'm going to remember your ignorant self when you add me on facebook and have a picture of the home done version of the tattoo you asked me about. *ignore* Why ignored? Well, I don't know you, I don't like you and now I know you're dumb and cheap.
If I tell you a tattoo is a bad idea, guess what? I mean it's a bad idea! I'm not turning you down because I don't like your face or because you were a shithead to me the last time you were in here. As much as I'd love to do that, I don't. I don't pay my bills with hugs and fucking sunshine so I WANT your money. I want it and I wanna roll around in it when you leave. Take my advice. (*ahem* Girl who has obviously had at least 3 kids and STILL insisted on getting the tribal between her navel and crotch.)
Oh! And if you're still so ticklish that you squirm when I tattoo your ribs, you are probably not mature/old enough to be getting a tattoo.

Ugh.... I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today.

Jun. 22nd, 2010


Just saying..... damn.

So, I'm just saying that if you want to be engaged, that's fine. What I'm NOT saying to your fucking fiance is that you have Hep C, 4 kids you don't take care of, a criminal record and an ongoing, pretty hefty drug problem. Oh, did I mention Hep C? I did? Ok, just checking.

And take those pictures of MY KID you STOLE from MY FACEBOOK to make you look like some kind of father OFF YOUR PAGE!

Jun. 16th, 2010


(no subject)

I've been in kind of a funk lately. I guess it's cause the house is at a standstill (again) waiting on it's first inspection. And because I have to wait to start school. And because Cory and I are in the same place we've been at for 2 years. It all comes down to not moving forward. I don't feel like I'm doing or accomplishing anything. All I'm doing is getting older.

August, please hurry.

Jun. 7th, 2010


Summertime '10.

We actually had a really good time at Sofia's birthday party yesterday. 2 pinatas, wading pool, slip n' slide, PB fudge, hot dogs, burgers, chips, beans & rice, ice cream and a big ass cake. (Dang it. Now I want a hot dog.)
Those kids are so funny. 11 of them and poor little Haden was the only boy, but I don't think he noticed really. Annie was the oldest/biggest. She told BreAnn she likes that because it makes her the boss. And surprisingly enough, those kids listen to her!

We've been so lazy this past week. Well, not really lazy, just slacking on the house work. There's about 5 loads of laundry that need to be done and a sink full of dishes. We've been too busy enjoy summer for what it is. Water park, cook outs, movies. And I've been spending as much time with Cory as I can, which still doesn't seem like much. I hope to kinda sorta get caught up tonight. At least do 2 loads of laundry and the dishes. Maybe vacuum.

Maybe not. We'll see.

Apr. 30th, 2010


(no subject)

Exchange between me and the Starbucks drive thru barista;

Me: "Was that you on the intercome?"
Him: "Yes...?"
Me: "You have a great voice for radio."
Him: "Oh! Thanks."
[odd pause]
Me: "I guess that's better than being told you have a face for radio."

Random Cory quote;
"You know you've partied hard when you wake up wrapped in a curtain with a box of frozen pork next to you."
(This will cause me to worry the next time I leave town for the weekend.)

Also, to Allison, I would like to say "That's cheaper than a $20 Jellyfish."

I'm going to try to do this more often.


Apr. 20th, 2010


Little reminders.

March 2009

Me: "Find you some pajamas. You can't wear that damp robe to bed."
Annie (disgusted): "I will TOO wear this damn robe to bed.... Wait.
Did you say 'damp'?"

Me: "I wanna curb stomp Taylor Swift."
Shanna: "Yay! Me, too!"

(This one's oldish. Rosie O'Donnell's on tv.)
Cory: I bet she eats babies.
Me: "Speaking of which, I had the weirdest dream the other night....."
Cory (cutting me off): "No."
And to Cory I would like to say, "Fuck you guys. I"m gettin' a pony."
That is all.

(refering to Annie, of course.)
Well, for one thing, yesterday morning on the way to school, she sang the lyrics to The Black Crows "Hard to Handle" better than most adults I know.

This was said last night while watching the Disney channel:
"Why do they call him 'The Rock?'"
"It is his big ole tit-taaaays?"

Moments later, she walks out of the bathroom in a fuzzy purple robe, skipping in the hall and singing "If I were an apple, a hangin' on a tree....."
Totally oblivious to the fact that I'm watching her.

A bit after that we somehow got into an arguement about whether Yoda would or would not play with a dollhouse. (Her: yes. Me: no.)

And she decided last week that she was going to start refering to all super models on TV as "Tiffany."

May 2009
I love my kid.
She's so funny but has no idea she makes my life so entertaining.
Like a few days ago when someone on TV was talking about Christmas and Halloween all rolled into one.
She looked at me, wide eyed with a big grin and said:

"Ah! Vampire Santa!"

Or last night when I said I'd let her pick the movie and she started her own little version of hardcore dancing. Punching her fists at the floor.
(She knows nothing of hardcore dancing. I've made sure of that. So this was all her.)

But the most OMG thing she's done recently was last week. She walks into the living room, very serious. No smile at all, and says, "Is it a full moon tonight?" I think nothing of this, we discuss the lunar calendar often.

"No, it's not." I say.
"Oh," she says. And turns around and moons me.

Boy on bus: "Hey, how old are you?"
Annie: "Shut up. That's how old."

********* May 19th*****
Annie ran into the living room last night wearing just her underwear.
She threw up the rock sign with both hands and screamed, "I LOVE YOU!" then ran off.

June 2009
Annie: "Destini, what are you thinking about?"
Destini: "Fried Chicken."
Annie: "(Gasp!) Me, too!!!"

It was not long after that Annie came up with the term "Specified chicken wing."

July, 2009.
(At the golf course, mind you.)
Cory: "Do you think you have couple more holes in ya?"
(Immediate regret sets in.)
Me: "No. I think we've found them all."

Me: "Annie was asking me to have a spitting contest the other day."
My Dad: "Yeah. She just asked me if I wanted to have a contest to see who
could throw a dog farther over the fence."

Phone conversation between Annie and Cory:

Annie: "Guess what I did tonight!"
Cory: "What'd you do?"
Annie: "Burnt down a trailer!"
Cory: "..... were you SUPPOSE to do that?"

Mar. 19th, 2010



I thought I had so much to say til I sat here and started typing.

I think I've just been too busy to be messing with things like online profiles and journals. And I'm going to be busier soon.

It's all for the best.


Jan. 20th, 2010


Long time, no see.

I've been avoiding posting on here because I'll have to mention Linda's death. Annie and I got the call while we were decorating our Christmas tree. It's her first really real experience with the death of someone close. (I remember a few years ago when her baby cousin died and she thought it was because she didn't pray hard enough.) It's heartbreaking to watch your kid cry herself to sleep. Genuinely crying. Not "I didn't get my way" crying. It's still odd to know she's not there. I thought I passed her on the road the other day and it took a few seconds for my mind to grasp that I hadn't and that I never would. But I'm leaving it there.

The holidays went well though. Same ole same. I love my family. They're all great cooks so I found it funny that 3 of them asked for my recipe. (It involves potatoes, cream cheese and an accident scented oil spill.....) And thankfully, no one tried to buy me clothing except Annie and she did a wonderful job.

The new year hopefully holds many great things. I go next week to get insurance on the construction site for my house and then we'll set a closing date. It's all still very exciting, but I don't get butterflies about it anymore. I just wanna move in and have my basement and my new appliances. And room.... ah... so much more room.

Cory's still great. He does a great job putting up with my crazy, so you gotta give him credit for that. Plus he's hilarious. I appreciate a funny man, but it's a definite bonus when he's a hot funny man.

Work's good, too. We just hired a new guy, Will. I hope this works out. He has a good first impression and his girlfriend seems cool, too.

I'll try to do better about keeping in touch. Right now I have a few tattoos to be drawing up. A few of which are mine. (Speaking of, I have a new tea leaf tattoo on my wrist.) I'm hoping to start my sewing themed half sleeve soon.

So there ya go.

Nov. 3rd, 2009


27 days....

til I drive my boyfriend to Cincinnati so he can fly to watch the Vikings play the Bears.
A whole weekend there with Viking bars and Gil.

Sigh. I hope he still wants to come home afterward.

I'd hate to drive to Minnesota with a trunk full of duct tape.

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